The Story of The Reaverbocker

Welcome to The Reaverbocker Brewery and Public House

Every brewery needs a good public house.

Every brewer needs a good alewife.

Every pint needs a friend to drink with.

The Reaverbocker started as two people mashing together their names and their talents. It has evolved into a company that mixes the quality of product with some great quality time.  At The Reaverbocker Brewery and Public House we are in the craft of combining things that need each other.

We researched other great breweries and other great public houses (see video below). We  thought out loud, over countless pints, “We wish we could be in our favorite bar enjoying our favorite beer…all the time.” So we mashed them together and created The Reaverbocker Brewery and Public House

The Reaverbocker invites you to combine your favorite people and come imbibe on a pint made right where you sit. We invite you to enjoy all your afternoons with us, after all…We are here to drink beer.