Jess Reaves

Jess - Middle Ages Brewer

Chief Brewing Officer: Jess Reaves

Early into meeting Liz, I told her I that I was interested in brewing beer. Her response? “Look at that face, it belongs on a beer bottle.” Soon started my passion for perfecting the beer process.  I started as most do, with a home-brew set and a set of home brew friends. Liz saw potential for our own businesses, and thus started my pursuit of becoming a professional in the beer industry.


In the right place at the right time I was lucky to secure a position with the leading local brewery in Syracuse, Middle Ages Brewing Co. After becoming Head Brewer, I realized the potential that Liz and I have to create something that we didn’t see in the Syracuse market.  The brewing community is fraternal, and thankfully my owner shook my hand and wished us supportive, good luck as we ventured into The Reaverbocker.


People tend to be in awe of a brewer.  It is a simple process that takes a lot of work to perfect. Brewing is art and science. And it can go wrong very quickly. That is what gets me excited to brew the same recipe over and over. It’s not a formula that is fool proof. But I do this for one reason really; there is nothing more satisfying than watching people imbibe a beer that I have perfected.