Welcome to The Reaverbocker Brewery and Public House:

We are here to drink beer.
We are here to kill war.
We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.

Six years ago, Jess Reaves and Liz Knickerbocker – two highly capable individuals and independent spirits – were finding success, but not satisfaction. They met and fell madly in love. Their love started as many do, but it was fueled by a devotion to an art form and tradition that began long before they consumed their first pints.

They knew immediately their only option was to crush the expected path laid out before them and forge a new one, together – all in the name of beer.

They traveled the country talking about brewing with every person doing good things in the beer industry and sharing countless pints. It was rough, but they carried on in the name of research. They became head brewers and marketing experts, all with the end goal of bringing this experience and knowledge to what has become The Reaverbocker Brewery and Public House.

Team Reaverbocker copy

The Reaverbocker Brewery and Public House is a 15-barrel brewery start-up in Syracuse, NY that combines a distribution brewery with a public house. The Reaverbocker LLC is funded by private investments.

Total funding for this project is $950,000. To date the project has raised $300,000. Interested investors are encouraged to attend the Pitching Pints event taking place on October 23, 2015.  Here it will be a chance to meet with the partners, taste the product and review the prospectus and offering terms.

The investments needed by The Reaverbocker cover everything from purchasing the brewing equipment to building the bar and taps to serving pints. The total capital needing to be raised allows The Reaverbocker to come to market with a product, atmosphere and service that will deliver results quickly, efficiently and effectively.